Let’s talk politics.  Or not. It’s been an interesting year, but there’s one thing we’ll all have in common the evening of November 8 – anxiously waiting for the results, eyes glued to the TV, as each state is called one by one. I know some people are over the whole thing, while others may be nervous their candidate won’t win, and still others pissed that someone will. But the reality is history will be made and a new president will be elected on Tuesday.

So, why not have a party?

The party doesn’t have to be a celebration of a particular candidate. Personally, I need something to make watching the talking heads more interesting and keep me entertained.  It doesn’t matter if you’re part of the Republican Party, Democratic Party, or just prefer a good ol’ Cocktail Party here’s how you can celebrate America in style.

Festive Drinks

Every gathering should begin with a drink, and is there a better option than champagne? I don’t think so, but I’ll still make a case for it. I don’t know many people that want to spend their time mixing up craft cocktails on a Tuesday night for guests or just for themselves. Champagne is easy, low maintenance.  Pour and sip. That’s it. Bubbly is also good for celebrations. And drowning sorrows. You’re covered either way. Add some blueberries and strawberries – instant patriotic party in a glass.


You’ll probably be up late watching the results, so you’ll need some sugar, and aren’t these cookies just the cutest? I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe from Alton Brown. It’s simple and easy to make. I also used his royal icing recipe. It’s similar to most royal icings and does the job. I found the cookie cutters on Amazon.

Coloring Activity

To keep track of who won each state, I love to color in the states as they’re called.  It’s a simple fun activity (and stress reliever). This is also a great way for kids to follow along with the results. I found a free printable map of the United States at Coloring Castle.

So, there you have it.  This is how I’m spending Tuesday night, with my own little election party.  As I look at what I just wrote I realize this sounds like a morning in an early childhood classroom. Snack time and coloring sheets, which I suppose is fitting for this year’s election. God Bless America.

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