Little Luxuries

After a long, usually sometimes stressful, week at work, one of my favorite things to do to release stress and take my mind off of things is a little retail therapy. And while a new outfit, shoes or handbag is certainly exciting (and welcomed!), sometimes it’s the little things that can brighten my mood and make me smile. Check out some of my favorite little luxuries.

A New Lipstick

I love Mac’s matte lipsticks! My favorite is Ruby Woo in Retro Matte (and lip liner in Cherry). Shop Mac Cosmetics.


A fancy cup of coffee, especially from a small coffee shop. If you live in Chicago you have to try a latte from Fab Cakes in River North. They make their own syrups and have great flavors like pepper fig, lavender, and almond mocha. Latte art included.

Fresh Flowers

A complete luxury because they’re usually dead within a coupe of days. I love peonies, cabbage roses, black and white anemonies, and white hydrangeas.

A Good Book

Preferably a thriller. And an actual book. I have nothing against ereaders (I have many books on my iPad), but there’s something special about flipping the pages and that new book smell. If you haven’t read Girl on the Train yet, do it before you head to the theatre.

An Outfit for my Dog

Okay, before you judge I’m not crazy, and I DO NOT dress my dog up on a daily basis (unless it’s super cold outside). But sometimes its so fun to put her in a dress, or sweater, or costume. She doesn’t mind. I swear. Buy the sweater at Barker and Meowsky. 

What are some of your favorite things?

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