Welcome, I’m Kate. Thanks for stopping by. I’m a 30 something living and working in the city of Chicago. I woke up one day and realized everything I was doing was for my job. I missed creating things for me, just because. This blog is my opportunity to document and share things that bring me joy with others.

Here you’ll find my thoughts on interiors and decor, food and drink, style and beauty and life in general. If you like beautiful things, DIY light, and good style, you’re in the right place.

Life can be messy, ugly, imperfect. Because of that, I believe in perfecting the details. Some see this as a good thing; some a bad.  I see it as fabulous.




Lola is a 9 year old feisty, black cat. After graduating from college, I moved back home while figuring out where life was going to take me. That christmas I asked for a puppy. I was surprised with a Lola. She hates the dog,makes my eyes itch and nose run, but I still love her.



Pippa is a 4.5 year old cockapoo with separation issues. I adopted her from PAWS two years ago and she hates being left alone. Because of that, Pippa takes the train with me every morning (stylish girl she is, even has her own bag!) and goes to my parents every day for a playdate with her bestie Bailey.

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